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Operated and managed by Spaceport Systems International, a Limited Partnership with

The California Spaceport® is a major provider of payload processing and launch services for both commercial and government users.

We are the first federally licensed private "Commercial Space Launch Site Operator" in the United States. SSI holds Launch Site Operator's License LSO-96-001 issued by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation on September 19, 1996. This license was renewed on September 19, 2001 (LSO 01-005) and September 19, 2006 (LSO 01-005B).

Company Profile

Formed in November 1993, Spaceport Systems International, L.P., melded investor financing with entrepreneurial zeal, space launch experience and test range expertise. Since that time, the CCSI/Harris partnership has proven itself a commercial success through contract awards from both government and commercial customers. With the award of the first U.S. Commercial Space Launch Site Operator's License in September 1996, the Spaceport attained international status as a leader in low cost access to space. Here are a few quotes:

    * "The presentation of this operator's license is an important milestone in commercial space transportation..."

      - David R. Hinson, FAA Administrator

    * "Today, we make a historic step toward our nation's future in Commercial Space..."

      - Frank C. Weaver, FAA, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation

    * "I honor your accomplishment and hail your duty to the public in safe Spaceport operations..."

      - C. Robert Kehler, Col USAF, Commander 30th Space Wing

Headquarters Staff - With full time staffing of fewer than 30, SSI relies on a solid team of in-house talent and industry partners to outfit and maintain Spaceport facilities. On a leasehold of more than 100 acres, The California Spaceport® includes a satellite processing facility, Commercial Launch Facility and a 4,500 square foot storage building.

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